Welcome to "JUN" Japanese Gifts and Souvenirs, where you can find items that are uniquely Japanese and Oriental. This Japanese gift shop has been designed in such a way that visitors of this site can not only shop Japanese culture-related items and other Oriental items but also get a glimpse of everyday life in Japan through our "Culture Pages". Please sit back, relax, and enjoy online shopping and virtual adventure to Japan through this site!

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Solution Graphics

New Kokeshi!

Japanese Themed Design on Neck Gaiter

Miniature Mikoshi (Portable Shrine)

Makie-Style Mouse Pad
The items above may look like expensive lacquerware sitting in an ornament cabit, but these are actually mouse pads. Enjoy these traditional Japanese designs while working at your PC.

Omamoribukuro-Amulet Pouch

Kinchaku Drawstring Purse

Japanese Neckties

Personalizable Kanzashi Hair Pins

For those daruma fans!
These daruma dolls might look diffrent from the ones you usually see, but yes these certainly are daruma dolls. In fact, these dolls portray real daruma (Zen Priest who lived in the 5th century) more accuratly. Enjoy having the "real"
daruma doll!

Uchiwa Fan
Mosquito Repellent Coil Stand

New addition to JUN's kokeshi doll Catalogue. Ceramic Kokeshi!
Much like the lifelike porcelain dolls some people like to collect, these new ceramic kokeshi dolls are sure to warm your heart! They come in two colors and feature real kimono fabric in the obi. New design variations are scheduled to be added in the near future. This is sure to appeal to kokeshi collectors everywhere!

Collaboration of kimono and kokeshi!
Two of the major Japanese traditional items have come together to create a whole new item for those of you who are both kokeshi doll(which is made of wood) and kimono (which is made of fabric) fans. This doll has been getting a very popuplar gift item for foreign tourist. Wheter you forgot to purchase one while you were visiting here, or you would just like to add it your kokeshi collection, enjoy this very attractive collaboration of popular cultural items!!!

New kokeshi dolls arrived!
A whole new line of kokeshi dolls (30 new items) have been added for the kokeshi doll enthusiats out there. Please have a look around and see if you can find your favorite doll. Kokeshi dolls are traditionally simple in construction, shaped with a cylindrical body and round head, but these newly added models have been modified to give them a new contemporary look. Please check back often, as several more are scheduled to be added in the next few weeks!

New Line of High Quality Noren Curtain

Fridge Magnet!

High Quality Hemp Noren!

Kanji & Ukiyoe Watches!

"What is your Chinese Zodiac sign?"
This is a common question among Japanese people. I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that every single Japanese person knows what their Chinese zodiac sign is. We have a cycle of 12 years, each of which is represented by an animal. The items featured in this page are small wood carvings representing kanji characters for those 12 animals. They all come with a little strap so that you can tie them to your car keyes, mobile phones, purse or carry it around as a lucky charm!

Newly Added Noren Collection
About 60 new designs have been added to our noren catalogue. Noren, a Japanese cloth room divider, wall hanging, doorway curtain or a window curtain have been very popular as home decor item. Please have a look and see if you can find your favorite noren to give your house a Japanese touch. The word noren often refers to split curtains hung in front of a shop.However, Noren are commonly used in private homes as well (such as the ones featured in this section)as space dividers or decorations

Kawagoe Original Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth
Located in central Saitama Prefecture (about 30 min train ride), Kawagoe developed as a castle town. The city still has traditional warehouse style merchant houses called Kurazukuri, built of thick wooden poles and clay, and it has become a popular sightseeing spot. On weekends people swarm to this antique city to enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period (1603-1867). In fact, the nickname of Kawagoe is Koedo (Little Edo ; Tokyo was formerly called Edo until 1867, when the Edo period ended) because of the strong cultural influence from Edo. This city is also known for its festival held annually in Oct.

Tatami Related Items
Featured in this section are items that are made of igusa straw, which is used to make Japanese Tatami mat. Tatami saw a sharp decline in popularity in the last few decades due to its high maintenance and cost. However, the straw weave mat is making its comeback as more and more people rediscover the benefits it provides. As a result, tatami related items as shown in this section are also enjoying ever-increasing popularity.

Miyabi Series
We proudly present the new Miyabi series.
Bamboo charcoal, igusa (which is used to make tatamimat) and kinran (gold brocade), all of which represent Japanese cultural assets, have been combined to create something completely new and stylish. Utilizing the soothing effects of bamboo charcoal and igusa straw, these gorgeous kinran fringed items are sure to bring the sophisticated Oriental look into your dinning room.

Are you a sushi lover? Do you love it so much that you can't end your day without it? Then you have come to the right place! The items here might not quite satisfy your appetite, but they will sure keep you entertained and tie you over to your next sushi meal! In this page, you can find a collection of sushi related items from noren to key chains. Have fun browsing!

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Bear

Tenugui Towel

Happi Coat

Koikuchi Shirts!

New Daruma Doll Series!

Wrapping Paper!


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Culture Pages
Interested in learning about Japanese culture? Check out our "Culture Pages" which provide a free, unique perspective on Japan that you won't find in a travel guide or anywhere else. Written by me, a Japanese native, and complimented by photographs, you're sure to learn something interesting. Don't miss out!

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