An example of tabane noshi design.

Small and thin yellow-colored object in the upper right conner of the envelope is noshi.

This pattern (which somewhat looks like a hair ornament) is called tabane noshi (bundled noshi). Tabane means gbundle ofh and noshi refers to a thin strip of dried abalone. From ancient times, abalone has been considered a symbol of longevity. One theory has it that it was abalone that Qin Shi Huang (a Chinese emperor who lived from 259 BC - 210 BC) searched for to obtain immortality. Noshi is made by flattening out thinly sliced abalone which is repeatedly washed and dried. In the old days noshi was attached to gifts but these days, instead of using actual noshi, a strip of yellow paper (representing noshi) wrapped in red & white colored paper is attached to a gift to show it is a for an auspicious occasion. This tabene noshi design has been featured on many items like furoshiki, kimono, happi and tenugui.

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