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Maneki neko

The most famous cat in Japan - except for, of course, Hello Kitty - is probably Maneki neko. At the entrance (or inside) of restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses that rely on heavy customer traffic you sometimes see a porcelain figure in the shape of a sitting cat with one paw raised as if making the customary Japanese gesture used in beckoning people. That cat is the maneki neko (beckoning cat) and believed to bring fortune and happiness.

There are more maneki neko available in this section.

To learn more about maneki neko,
go to the follwoing pages.
Maneki neko Page 1Maneki neko Page 2

***All of the items above are made of porcelain.
Design of the dolls may vary slightly

Size List
Item # Height
M-1, M-2 14in(35cm)
M-3, M-4, M-17, M-25 11in(28cm)
M-6, M-7, M-18, M-26 9in(23cm)
M-8, M-9, M-19, 27 7.4in(19cm)
M-11, M-20, M-28 5.9in(15cm)
M-12 5.1in(13cm)
M-13 3.5in(9cm)
M-33, M.35 2.7in(7cm)
M-34 .M-36 2in(5cm)

Price List
Item # Price
M-1, M-2 US$120.00
M-3, M-4 US$62.00
M-6, M-7 US$50.00
M-8, M-9 US$30.00
M-11 US$22.00
M-12 US$20.00
M-13 US$16.00
M-17 US$80.00
M-18 US$55.00
M-19 US$40.00
M-20 US$30.00
M-25 US$130.00
M-26 US$120.00
M-27 US$80.00
M-28 US$57.00
M-33, M-35 US$7.00
M-34, M-36 US$5.00

Select Your Maneki neko Doll

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The color of the items in the pictures might slightly
differ from that of the actual items.

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