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Miyabi Series
We proudly present the new Miyabi series.
Bamboo charcoal, igusa (which is used to make tatamimat) and kinran (gold brocade), all of which represent Japanese cultural assets, have been combined to create something completely new and stylish. Utilizing the soothing effects of bamboo charcoal and igusa straw, these gorgeous kinran fringed items are sure to bring the sophisticated Oriental look into your dinning room.

Click here to see a close-up shot of the material
used for the Miyabi series.

Enlarge Image
Coaster not included

Enlarge Image
Coaster not included
Wine Bottle Holder
Item #: MIYA1A
Size: Height 9in(23cm)
Diameter 3.1in (8cm)

Pirce: US$90.55
Wine Bottle Holder
Item #: MIYA1B
Size: Height 9in(23cm)
Diameter 3.1in (8cm)
Price: US$90.55

Coaster not included

Coaster not included

Enlarge Image
Place Mat
Item #: MIYA2
Size: 14.2X10.3in (36X26cm)
Price: US$59.95

Enlarge Image
Item #: MIYA3A, MIYA3B
Size: 5.1X5.1in(13X13cm)
(A)Price: US$35.00
(B)Price: US$35.00

Enlarge Image
Item #: MIYA4A, MIYA4B
Size: MIYA4A Length 13.4inX Diameter 3.5in
MIYA4B Length 12.6in XDiameter 3.5in
(A)Price: US$80.45
(B)Price: US$80.45

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