Enso(Zen Circle)
Enso is a Japanese word referring to a circle(above). (written with brush in one movement) It is really not a regular Japanese character. It falls more into the category of a symbol and this symbol is often considered as a religious one, because of the strong association with Zen Buddhism. It is also known as the circle of enlightenment and is supposed to signify the Absolute, the Universe, simplicity and endlessness. There are two versions of the enso circle. One is a closed circle which represents the totality of experience and life. The other (more common) is the one with an opening (like shown above) representing the imperfection seen in all things that exists including us humans. It also suggests to stop striving for perfection and allow the universe to be as it is. This concept is very important in Zen Buddhism. The concept of all things being perfect as they are. This circle is also often used as a way of mental training. Guided in the moment of your state of mind, it is believed that you can draw a well balanced and "true" circle only if your mind is clear and free from thought. Enso might appear to be nothing more than just a simple circle, but there are many deep messages behind it. You should maybe let the circle have the meaning you perceive.
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