Jizo(Ojizo San)

Jizo ( affectionately called ojizo san). Ojizo san is a deity in Buddhism and he is probably the most beloved figures in Buddhism in Japan. One of the reasons he is so loved by so many people is the mission given by Buddha to lead all beings and creatures to salvation while Buddha is in nirvana (the realm of enlightenment). It is believed that he stays in this world with us so that he can take on all suffering for us regardless of what or who you are . Until this mission is accomplished, he is not to enter the nirvana. He is also known specifically as the protector of deceased children including miscarried, aborted or stillborn infants which is why ojizo san is often wearing red cap and bib around the neck. Some people might think ojizo san looks somewhat strange or even weird but to most Japanese people ojizo san is like an embodiment of benevolence and compassion. His round face and Mona Lisa like faint smile brings warmth to many peoplefs mind. For these reasons, thousands of ojizo san-themed products has been created. Keep your favorite ojizo san always by your side, it sure will bring smile to your heart.

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